Relying On The Legal Counsel And Help That A Divorce Lawyer Can Offer

The decision to end your marriage may be one that you did not make lightly. Even so, you may balk at the idea of negotiating the upcoming legal process to dissolve it by yourself.

Instead, you realize that you might encounter complex issues that you have no idea of how to handle or what kind of resolution for which to strive. Instead of risking the outcome of your case, you can hire an experienced divorce lawyer to handle it for you.

Using the State's Family Court Laws to Your Advantage

As a layperson, you may have no idea of what the family laws are in the state where you live. You may not know what laws pertain to your case and how to use them to your advantage.

However, a knowledgeable divorce lawyer will be well-versed in what the state's laws are and what ones pertain specifically to your upcoming case. He or she can use them when filing your case in court and argue for the most favorable outcome based on them.

Settling the Issues of Custody and Support

One of the most contentious issues that you might encounter in court involves those that center around child custody and support. You and your spouse may not agree on these matters and harbor ill feelings toward each other because of them. 

When you have a divorce lawyer on retainer, however, you can get them settled as quickly and peacefully as possible. Your lawyer can ask the court to award you custody, visitation, or support. You and your spouse may reach an agreement that benefits your children and allows both of you to co-parent effectively.

Filing for a Last Name Change

Your divorce lawyer can also include a name change petition in your divorce case if you want to go back to using your maiden name. You cannot legally return to using it without a formal name change being issued in the final decree. Your divorce lawyer can ask the judge to change your name back to your maiden name legally and allow you to begin using it as your legal last name again.

An experienced divorce lawyer can provide a number of beneficial services to you when you want to end your marriage. He or she will know what state family laws pertain to your case. He or she can also represent your best interests in child custody and support matters and petition the court to reinstate your former last name. 

For more information, contact a divorce lawyer near you.