Why It's Important To Have A Fleet Of Attorneys At Your Disposal When You Have Been In A Truck Accident

Trucking accidents are no joke. The stats regarding trucking accidents and fatalities speak for themselves. Thousands of people every year die as the result of a trucking accident. Thousands more are seriously injured. If you were able to "walk away" or you survived the accident, you can actually count yourself lucky. With the sheer weight difference and inability to brake quickly, semitrucks can run through and over passenger vehicles on the highway. Still, it does not make up for what happened to you. If you are ready to consult with attorneys at law to discuss your options, you should know that choosing a firm with multiple lawyers is in your best interests. Here is why it is important to have a fleet of attorneys available to you when you have survived a trucking accident.

Areas of Expertise

Some trucking accident attorneys may have more experience in recognizing when the accident was the driver's fault versus when the accident was a mechanical issue. There may be other factors at play, for which other lawyers in the same firm can be tapped for a consult or additional expertise on the matter. If it appears as though the accident was more likely the result of a mechanical problem with the truck (e.g., brakes failed, transmission failed, steering failed, etc.), then a lawyer in the firm who knows more about that can attest to the problem and encourage you to go after the appropriate parties for compensation.

Combined Experience

One attorney in the firm may have three years' experience addressing truck accident cases. A leading partner in the firm may have thirty years' experience. The result is that most everyone in the firm can spread out the experience and expertise to share with the other lawyers, with whom they might consult to get better answers for your questions. In the event that something out of the ordinary happens to the lawyer representing you, the other lawyers in the firm can step in and take over the case temporarily. Because the lawyers all practice with the same firm, there is no issue with client-lawyer privileged information, either.

Hard-Hitting Legal Help When Dealing with Large Trucking Companies

You can bet that if the driver of the rig that hit you works for a really big, really recognizable trucking company, he/she is coming to court with the boss and more than one lawyer in tow. While you really only need one lawyer, this is an intimidation tactic to make you feel less confident and back down. Your lawyer might bring a partner or two along, just to present an equal show of strength. Additionally, it helps to have more than one lawyer present in these big cases so that if the need arises, the "first chair" lawyer can consult with the other(s) on a matter or point to see how to best present the argument against statements made by the defendant's lawyer(s).

Lawyers That Get Results

You want to hire lawyers that get results. You want your medical bills, your vehicle damages, and your future health to all be taken care of. These attorneys know how and who to pursue, and how hard to pursue the other parties to get the compensation that is owed to you. When you hire a larger firm instead of an individual lawyer out of a small office, you can see their stats for winning cases. If they have rarely lost a case, it means that they have a team that knows how to win. That is exactly what and who you want to represent you in a court of law.

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