How An Accident Reconstructionist Can Help Your Personal Injury Case

After an accident, it is not always obvious what happened and who was at fault. If there is doubt about what happened, or if it is hard to prove what happened based on the evidence that you have, that is when you and your personal injury attorney may need to look into hiring an accident reconstructionist to work on your case.

#1 When You Need an Accident Reconstructionist

Accident reconstructions are best to hire when you need to establish what happened at the scene of the accident. If what happened and caused the accident is in dispute, bringing in an accident reconstructionist can help establish and show what happened. This is especially important if your case is going to be heard in front of a judge and a jury. An accident reconstructionist will use science to establish and show what happened, not conjuncture. If what happened is holding back your case, it may be time for your attorney to reach out to an accident reconstructionist for assistance.

#2 Where to Find an Accident Reconstructionist

More than likely, if you are working with experienced personal injury attorney services, they should have their own list of references for you to call and use as an accident reconstructionist.

You can also look at firms that specialize in accident reconstruction or reach out to a local college to see if they have anyone on staff who specializes in accident reconstruction. There are plenty of professionals who work within this as a full-time occupation, as well as a variety of engineers and road construction specialists who do consulting work in regards to accident reconstruction.

#3 What You Need to Give the Accident Reconstructionist

An accident reconstructionist will need information to work with that is solid and concrete. They are going to need photos from the accident scene that show where the debris landed after the accident. If there are police diagrams of the accident, they are going to want those as well.

They are going to need to look at the vehicle. Ideally, they will be able to look in-person at all vehicles involved in the accident. Alternatively, they will also work with pictures, although getting to look at and measure the vehicle in-person may be best.

An accident reconstructionist can help establish what happened at the scene of the accident, especially if what happened is in doubt. They can use the evidence and information that you already have in order to show the courts what really happened. They rely on physics as well as other scientific methods to establish and show what led up to the accident and who bears responsibility for the accident.