Claiming Disability For Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is the most common mental disorder and affects around 40 million Americans over the age of 18. When you suffer from anxiety disorder, it can cause you to lose your ability to do normal daily activities including working. The loss of income from not working can dramatically affect your life and cause you even more anxiety. One way to combat this is by applying for social security disability so you are still able to survive even when you cannot work. Applying for social security disability can be very different when suffering from a mental illness rather than a physical disability. Not all cases of anxiety are eligible for social security disability. It is important to understand what qualifies for the benefit and what doesn't.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

There are five types of anxiety disorders that include social anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. All of these types have a different level of severity. In order to understand what constitutes as being eligible for social security disability, you must be confirmed by a medical doctor with the anxiety. A proper diagnosis is a crucial component of being able to get the benefit. 

Severity of the Anxiety

When you are plagued with anxiety, it must have an impact on your daily life. If you are still able to do remedial tasks like take a shower, then it is very unlikely that you will be given social security disability. If the anxiety comes and goes, you are also not likely to be able to get the benefit. The social security office will want to see that this is a long-term issue before they start dispersing benefits to you. This means the anxiety should last 12 months or more to be considered long-term. 

Symptoms of Anxiety

In order to qualify for the social security disability benefits, you must be experiencing some symptoms. The symptoms you will experience will correlate with the type of anxiety you have. Again, it is important to get medical help and a complete diagnosis from your doctor in order to prove the disorder. This will be extremely helpful when filling out your paperwork to apply for the benefits. Some symptoms you could experience with anxiety includes uncontrollable shaking, vomiting, muscle tension, and many more. If you are able to be treated and go back to work, your social security disability benefits will end at that point. 

If you think you want to apply for social security disability, talking with professionals attorneys, like those at LeCroy Law Firm, PLLC, can help you to understand what you need to do or how to build the best case to get approved for the benefits.