Embarrassed? Keep Your DUI A Secret With These Five Tips

Getting charged with a DUI can be incredibly embarrassing, and it can potentially hurt your career or social standing. Because of these threats, many people prefer to hide their drunk driving charges. Ideally, the best way to avoid drinking and driving charges is to never drink and drive, but if it's too late for that advice, here are a few tips and ideas on hiding your charges:

1. Bail yourself out of jail

If you ever get arrested for a DUI charge, wait until you sober up and then bail yourself out of jail. If you cannot convince the jailer to let you out on your own recognizance, you can pay the bail in cash.

If you don't have enough cash, you can release your wallet (it was likely confiscated during the arrest) to a bail bondsmen. They, in turn, can charge their fee to your credit card and post the rest of the bail on your behalf.

2. Invent a reason why you aren't driving your car

In most cases, you will not be allowed to drive as you work through the process of dealing with your DUI. Not bringing your car to work may raise suspicion among your co-workers. If you aren't comfortable telling them the truth about your DUI, approach the issue from another angle.

Maybe, you really want to get in shape so are bicycling to work. Maybe, you've read something interesting about the environment and want to take public transit. Maybe, you have issues with your eyes and are going to use a professional driver until you know what's going on.

3. Choose therapy over alcohol classes

After a DUI charge, you may be sent to alcohol classes. These classes are designed to educate you so you do not make the same mistake again. However, they also involve other people, and if you live in a small community and need to safeguard your image, that is not ideal.

Ask the court if you can substitute individual therapy for group classes. That is more private.

4. Hire an attorney

Fighting a DUI charge (especially if it's not your first offense) can be extremely hard. However, if you don't try as hard as possible to fight the charge, you may end up with jail time – in that case, everyone will find out that you had a charge.

In addition to helping you avoid jail time, lawyers may be able to get your charge reduced. A DUI felony on your record can bring up a range of issues including making it hard to get a job, but if your lawyer gets that reduced to a misdemeanor or no charge, you don't have to worry about your DUI following you for years to come. Contact a local lawyer, like Patricia K Wood Atty, to represent your ase.

5. Consider telling someone

Many people try to keep DUIs a secret, and there are compelling reasons for doing so. However, the stress of keeping a secret can make the experience even harder. Consider talking to someone. Even if you don't' tell everyone, it can help to have a confidant as you go through this hard experience.