Four Things That You Can Do To Help Your Divorce Lawyer During A Custody Battle

If you are in the middle of a child custody battle, all of your actions will be under a microscope. There is only so much that your divorce lawyer can do to ensure your custody requests are agreed upon. If you are distracted and upset, it can be easy to slip up and make mistakes during a custody battle. Here are four things that you can do to help you lawyer fight your child custody case.

1. Don't Engage With Your Ex

Your lawyer is working hard to build your case as a responsible, fit parent. Don't unravel all of their hard work by going behind their back and goading your ex-spouse. Getting into spats off the record or talking poorly about them on social media can come back to you and will make you look petty and childish.

2. Take the Matter Seriously

Fighting for custody rights of your children should feel like a full time job. Keep appointments with your lawyer or any meetings surrounding your case. Be sure that you dress the part if you are going to be meeting with lawyers, mediators or a judge. If you need a new professional wardrobe, your divorce lawyer can give you some advice on what would be best for court.

3. Be the Responsible Parent

Show the judge that, even during the pressures of divorce, you are still the best parent for your children. Be on time for visitation and don't get into arguments with your ex-spouse when trading off the kids. If you continually showcase you are the more responsible parent, you will be more likely to be granted sole or primary custody.

4. Remember to Take Your Lawyer's Advice

You might be hoping for sole custody because you truly believe you are the most fit parent. The thing is, sometimes it can be easy to get so wrapped up in your divorce that you can't see the big picture. If your lawyer breaks it to you that joint custody will most likely be the outcome, listen to what they have to say. Going along with a modified agreement without forcing your ex-spouse to go to court might save you time and money and will ultimately have the same outcome.

You might feel stretched to the limit if you are going through a custody dispute, but you need to keep a clear head and remember why you are going through this - for your kids. Make sure to meet your divorce lawyer halfway and do what you can during the entire custody process to ensure a better outcome on your behalf.