5 Vital Reasons To Hire A Social Security Attorney

If you believe that you have a Social Security disability case and that you are entitled to benefits, you may be confused as to how to handle the process. Social Security law is very difficult to understand. Being able to collect the benefits that you need is vital, and you may be worried about what steps to take and how to attain a successful result. If you are considering going through the confusing process of filing for Social Security disability alone, first read these 5 important reasons for hiring legal representation for this important process.

Hiring a Social Security attorney:

  1. Will ensure that important deadlines will not be missed. If your initial claim is denied, you will have 60 days to appeal the denial. If you miss this deadline, you may have to start the entire application process from the beginning, unless you can prove that you were unable to file due to "good cause".
  2. Will ensure that your medical record evidence is complete. Accurate, up-to-date medical records are the primary evidence of your disability, and on-going updates need to be added to to your file as soon as they become available. An attorney will know exactly which records to focus on for a successful claim or appeal, and be able to work more efficiently to quickly retrieve those records from medical facilities.
  3. Will have local knowledge of judges. Your attorney will have extensive experience dealing with local judges and will be well-versed in how they run their hearings. Knowing exactly what a particular judge needs to hear in regard to evidence of a disability is invaluable.
  4. Will help prepare you to answer the judge's questions. Knowing the questions ahead of time and having answers prepared will ensure that you are able to accurately communicate to the judge the impact that your disability is having on your life.
  5. Will make it more likely that you will receive benefits. Due to the complexity of Social Security disability laws, having an attorney to help you is vital. Benefits are awarded to 63.6% of claimants who have legal representation at their hearings, as opposed to only 40.1% who do not have representation.

As you can see, having an experienced Social Security attorney at your side can make this difficult process not only easier, but will substantially increase your chances of a ruling in your favor. Don't delay, contact a Social Security attorney like Mckown Jim Attorney At Law and get them on your case as soon as possible.